Research Access

Reasons for requiring Research Support from the Registry

  •   Search for cases
  •   Designing a study
  •   Preparing case for funding
  •   Performing a study (may require additional local ethical approval)

Procedure for obtaining Registry data for Research

Searching the Registry for data at centres other than the user’s own centre is only possible by the project management team. Depending on the amount of work involved data searches will incur a small fee and researchers are advised to get in touch for further information.

The Office for Rare Conditions in Glasgow can provide more extensive study support depending on the investigator’s needs and may include:-

  • Advice on study process and design
  • Liaising with Registry users on behalf of the study investigators
  • Developing study specific modules

Prospective investigators should contact the office before embarking on, developing, or seeking funding for the study so that the costs of this proposed work can be clarified.

Please complete the following forms:

Once submitted all study documents are sent to the Scientific Panel for approval.

Scientific Panel Study Approval Process


The I-DSD/CAH Registry must be acknowledged on all publications that use the data with the following text.

“This research study was conducted through access to data held in the I-DSD/CAH registry”